South Albany Airport

One of the oldest, privately owned public airports in New York State.

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We know how important a well run airport is to pilots and other flight professionals. We are dedicated to providing a quality facility that is up to date and well maintained. Our staff is committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience.


Learn more about our runway so you can takeoff and land safely.

Hangars & Tie-Downs

Three enclosed hangars, with free WiFi now available.

Fuel & Oil

24/7 self-serve fuel stations with 100LL Jet A fuel available.

Flight Training

Get in contact with Hewison Aviation and learn to fly!

About Us

South Albany Airport (4B0) is one of the oldest privately owned public use airports in New York State. It was registered with the FAA in 1946. The property, which was originally farm land, had a small grass air strip.

Since that time, the airport has grown and improved significantly, including a paved 60′ x 2860′ runway and parallel taxiway that was installed in 2001. There are 31 aircraft hangars and 12 tie-downs. The airport has 42 fixed wing aircraft based here and an air ambulance helicopter service, LifeNet. South Albany Airport provides 24 hour self serve 100LL gas and Jet-A fuel.